Zebra Family

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Miniature Plastic Zebra Animal Toys for Kids 3-Years-Old & Up (4 Pc)

  • Durable plastic 4-piece set of realistic animal toys
  • Realistic miniature figurines from the savanna
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Meet the Terra by Battat Zebra Family of miniature animals! The incredible world of African wildlife comes alive with these beautifully made toy animal figures. Zebras have a very distinctive coat, and each zebra's stripes are as unique as human fingerprints. Scientists think these stripes might act as a camouflage in the wild making it difficult for predators to distinguish one zebra alone in a large herd. Due to the uniqueness of the patterns the stripes might also help zebras recognize each other. As social animals, zebras spend their time in herds grazing for grass and grooming each other. The incredibly realistic details of these plastic animal toys are breathtaking! Start building your own imaginary zoo toy collection at home today with Terra by Battat's wild animal figures!