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Electronic Utahraptor Dinosaur Toy with Light & Sound for Kids Age 3+

  • Electronic Utahraptor Ostrommaysi dinosaur for kids with lights and sound effects
  • Realistic: big dinosaur toy with moving arms and legs and an accurate design
  • Prehistoric fun: Electronic Carnotaurus includes dinosaur growling sounds and glowing lights
  • Educational toy: sparks children’s curiosity about science and natural history
  • Less screen time: this fun dinosaur encourages imaginative play, creative story-telling, and less screen time
  • Recyclable packaging
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Meet the Utahraptor Ostrommaysi! This light and sound dinosaur toy for kids by Terra is both ferocious and fun. With cool features like electronic lights and growling sounds, as well as movable arms and legs, your little one's will roar for Terra's electronic Utahraptor Ostrommaysi! Utahraptor used its huge sickle-shaped claws to rip apart prey, and Terra's toy version recreates this unusual feature of the fearsome raptor!