RC Spider : Tarantula

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RC Spider Playset for Kids 6+ (2 Pc)

  • Super realistic-looking spider with light-up LED eyes
  • You power the spider’s eight legs and lifelike crawling motion
  • Use the controller to move the spider forward, left and right. It can even spin 360 degrees
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What's that crawling on the floor? It might look like the real thing, but it's actually Terra by Battat's RC Spider: Tarantula! Get ready to scare your friends and family with this incredibly lifelike fake spider. Use the infrared remote-control to move the toy in 3 directions or do a wild 360-degree spin! The spider has realistic-looking fur and LED eyes that light up in the dark for an extra terrifying effect! This interactive educational toy not only helps kids learn about spiders, insects, and nature, but also helps reduce screen time. Are you looking for a scary Halloween decoration? Pull out the remote-control spider and the trick-or-treat visitors will think it's a real tarantula crawling on the sidewalk. Terra by Battat's RC Spider is recommended for kids aged 6 years old and up.