side view of water buffalo

Water Buffalo

Animal Figurine

  • Collectable: classic water buffalo figurine with life-like features and exquisite coloring
  • Educational toy: realistic details provide sensory information about wildlife
  • Realistic: water buffalo with accurate design perfect for a diorama
  • Encourages imaginative play and compassion for animals
  • Ideal goody bag stuffers for an animal-themed kid's birthday party

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Dive in to Terra by Battat's fun wild animals! The water buffalo lives in South America, southern Europe and northern Africa. This realistic water buffalo makes a great gift and an ideal goodie bag stuffer addition for an animal-themed party. Our plastic animal toys have accurate details, so they are perfect for diorama supplies or educational toys for students researching wild life. No animal toy collection is complete without Terra by Battat's water buffalo. Collect them all! Discover the entire Terra by Battat family of wild creatures. Recommended for little ones aged 3 years and up.

Species: Mammal
Average Life Span: 25 years
Size: 3.9-4.3 feet
Weight: 300 ñ 550 kg
Diet: Herbivore
Fun Facts: Water buffalo spend much of their day submerged in the muddy waters of Asiaís tropical and subtropical forests. Their wide-splayed hoofed feet prevent them from sinking too deeply in the mud and allow them to move about in wetlands and swamps. These marshes provide good cover and rich aquatic plants to forage on, although water buffalo actually prefer to feed in grasslands on grass and herbs.

Dimensions: Large - 4.5 x 2.2 x 2.8 in.


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