Lava Mountain, T. Rex Adventure

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Lava Mountain T-Rex Adventure

  • 14pc plastic playset with dinosaur toys
  • Electronic T-Rex toy features realistic light and sound
  • Mountain playset includes lava, jail cell, action figure, and baby dinosaur toys
  • Imaginative role-playing game that reduces screen time while encouraging creative storytelling
  • The perfect addition to your Terra by Battat™ collection!
  • Recommended for kids aged 3 and up
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Check out the awesome Lava Mountain T-Rex Adventure playset from Terra by Battat! This cool toy set comes with lots of detailed accessories for hours of imaginary fun. The most important thing? Watch out for the T-Rex on the loose! This cool electronic dinosaur toy has movable parts and looks just like the real thing. It even has light-up eyes and makes a cool roaring sound! There is a miniature explorer figurine in this exciting playset - help him escape from the realistic lava bubbling from the volcano and the boulder falling from the mountaintop! Also included is a safari vehicle, two smaller dinosaur figurines, a tiny egg, and lots more. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your toy dinosaurs and get ready for a Lava Mountain T-Rex Adventure! Comes with: 1 large electronic dinosaur1 medium dinosaur1 mini dinosaur1 4x4 vehicle1 volcano1 rock1 dinosaur skull1 ladder1 rope1 axe1 wire fire1 torch1 action figure1 eggAdditional info:Toy volcano: 10.0 (L), 13.0 (T), 7.0 (W)Large dinosaur toy: 12.5 (L), 10.5 (T), 5.0 (W)3 x AG13 (1.5V) batteries included