Infrared RC Spider : Tarantula

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Infrared Remote Control Spider: Blue Tarantula

  • Realistic toy spider with blue stripy pattern and movable parts
  • Includes remote control so you can move the spider forward, left, and right. It can even spin 360 degrees!
  • Features light-up LED eyes for a spooky red glow
  • Imaginative toy reduces screen time and encourages storytelling
  • The perfect addition to your Terra by Battat™ collection!
  • Recommended for kids aged 6 and up
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What's that on the floor? It might look like a real creepy-crawly, but it's actually the Blue Tarantula from Terra by Battat! This realistic spider toy comes with an infrared remote control, so you can make it move wherever you like. Use the controller to push your tarantula forward, left, and right. It can even spin in a circle! The spider has a cool stripy blue pattern and a lifelike hairy coat. Watch as the LED eyes light up red - perfect for when it gets dark outside! Use your imagination to build an underground burrow for your eight-legged friend. You could also gather your animal toys together to create a story set in a sandy desert (or even a sandbox)! Add the Infrared Remote Control Spider to your Terra by Battat collection today! Comes with: 1 toy spider 1 remote control Additional info: 5 x AAA batteries included.