Giant Panda Family

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Small Plastic Panda Bear Animal Toys for Kids 3-Years-Old & Up (3 Pc)

  • Wild giant pandas live only in China, but these small toy animal figures will thrive in any environment!
  • Detailed and realistic giant panda figurines with lifelike poses that stand on their own paws!
  • Educational toys provide information about wildlife while encouraging imaginative play and compassion for animals
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Get to know the rare and mysterious giant panda with this animal playset! The adorable toy figures include two giant panda adults and two tiny cubs. Giant pandas live exclusively in remote parts of central China and have an insatiable appetite for bamboo. Pandas love eating bamboo so much they will consume about 28 pounds of it per day! Although wild giant pandas are rare, their population is increasing thanks to better conservation efforts. They are very popular attractions in zoos, and hundreds of giant pandas live in captivity around the world. Build your zoo animal collection today with Terra by Battat's wild animal figures!