Firehouse Dogs

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Plastic Toy Animal Figure Dog Playset for Kids 3-Years-Old & Up (3 Pc)

  • Cute and collectible dog figurines and a firehouse playset
  • Realistic and fun: animal toys with a great design for both kids and animal figurine collectors!
  • Educational toy: provides information about dogs while encouraging compassion for animals
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Terra by Battat's firehouse and plastic dog playset is a great companion for collectors of miniature figurines! Lovingly created with accurate and realistic details, the tiny dalmatian figurines sit on their paws like good dogs. Probably the first tame animals, dogs have accompanied humans for thousands of years. Similar to their wild dog relatives, pet dogs defend their territory by urinating on fence posts and fire hydrants. Most of us think of dalmatians as the spotted furry pets sitting in a firehouse or on a bright red firetruck. Terra by Battat's Firehouse Dogs small figurine playset recreates the iconic dalmatian in the firehouse setting.