Dog Family

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Plastic Animal Toys for Kids 3-Years-Old & Up (4 Pc)

  • Four small dog toy figurines sure to become your new best friends!
  • Realistic details: miniature figurines with accurate details and lifelike poses that stand on their own paws!
  • Educational toys provide information about wildlife while encouraging imaginative play and compassion for animals
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These plastic dogs are great companions for a dog lovers and collectors of miniature figurines. Lovingly created with accurate and realistic details, the small golden retriever figurines stand on their own paws and stick out their tongues like the real animals. Probably the first tame animals, dogs have accompanied humans for thousands of years. The hundreds of different domestic dog breeds existing today, from golden retrievers to tiny chihuahuas, are all members of the Canis familiaris species. Similar to their wild dog relatives such as foxes and wolves, pet dogs defend their territory by urinating on trees, rocks, and other objects like fire hydrants. The scent markers left by dogs advise other dogs that the territory is already occupied by another animal. Domestic dogs also communicate through physical appearance and typical gestures such as tail-wagging to indicate happiness and teeth baring for anger. But these four dog toys for kids are always good dogs!