side view of white tailed doe
side view of white tailed doe

White Tailed Doe

Forest Animal Figurine

  • Collectable: classic white tailed doe figurine with life-like features and exquisite coloring
  • Educational toy: realistic details provide sensory information about wildlife
  • Realistic: white tailed doe with accurate design perfect for a diorama
  • Encourages imaginative play and compassion for animals
  • Ideal goody bag stuffers for an ocean-themed kid's birthday party

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Dive in to Terra by Battat's fun Animals! The white tailed doe is an amazing animal native to North America. This realistic white tailed doe makes a great gift and an ideal goodie bag stuffer addition for an animal-themed party. Our plastic animal toys have accurate details, so they're perfect for diorama supplies or educational toys for students researching animal life. No animal toy collection is complete without Terra by Battat's white tailed doe. Collect them all! Discover the entire Terra by Battat family of Arctic creatures. Recommended for little ones aged 3 years and up.

Species: Mammal
Average Life Span: 6-14 years
Size: 6-7.75 feet
Weight: 50-136 kg
Diet: Herbivore
Fun facts: The white-tail refers to the underside of the tail, which the doe displays and wags when it senses danger. They spend the summer grazing in the meadows and move into the forests during the winter to protect themselves from the elements. Their coats fade from reddish brown in the summer to grayish brown in the winter. They use their speed to outrun their predators, they can sprint up to 30 m 48 per hour, and they can leap as high as 10 feet and as far as 30 ft in a single bound. They give birth to 1-3 young at a time, usually in May and June.

Dimensions: Large - 4.5 x 1.1 x 4.5 in.


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