Bunny Hutch

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Bunny Rabbit Toy Animal Figure Playset for Kids 3-Years-Old & Up (5 Pc)

  • Cute and collectible toy bunny figurines and bunny hutch playset
  • Bunny hutch includes storage space for miniature animal figurines with doors that open and close
  • Realistic and fun: animal toys with a great design for both kids and animal figurine collectors!
  • Educational toy: encourages compassion for animals while reducing screen time for kids
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There's space for all your miniature bunnies, and even a few other small animal figurines, in the Bunny Hutch from Terra by Battat! Kids and miniature figurine collectors both will love the adorable and accurate details of this toy animal playset. The Bunny Hutch includes 2 realistic and cute little rabbit toys. The doors of the Bunny Hutch open and close, and there's plenty of space inside for other farm animal toys! This is the perfect addition to any animal toy set, and miniature animal toys of all kinds are always welcome at this awesome playset from Terra!