Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Looking for fun activities for kids? We have ten great Halloween activities that do not require loads of planning or supplies and are sure to get you in the holiday spirit!1. Halloween Feel Box Kids love a gross activity. Parents love easy clean up. This Halloween party game is a win-win. Make boxes with various foods like spaghetti or grapes (the slimier the better!) and household items, and have the kids feel what's in the box without looking in it. Then, they get to guess what they think they felt in the box. PRO TIP: Use small rectangular tupperware and cut the bottom of a tissue box to place over top - voila! There is a space for small hands and no mess.2. Spook Snacks Get creative with some spooky snacks of the season! Bananas are the perfect shape for ghosts and red apple slices with mini marshmallows double as toothy mouth. Even small oranges peeled are the perfect mini pumpkin. You don't need to be a chef to create a spread of spooktacular tasty treats. 3. Four-Legged Boo Don't forget your pets this season! Source crafting materials from around your home including material scraps, paper, glue, string and coloring tools to let your kids compete in a pet costume creating contest. No matter the outcome, the laughs are sure to follow for the photoshoot! No pets? No worries - give your toys a Halloween makeover. 4. Monster Freeze Dance

Put on some Halloween tunes, and have the kids boogie until the music stops. Then, they have to freeze. Children are eliminated for not freezing. And the last person standing is the winner.

5. Pass the Ghost

Tell ghost stories in "round-robin" fashion with this spooky Halloween party game for kids. The activity calls for sitting in a circle with candles, but it can work just as well with mini flashlights. Have each person tell a portion of a spooky story and then blow out their candle or turn off their flashlight before passing the story onto the next person...

6. Candy Corn Relay Race First you are not required to eat candy corn for this activity! *sighs of relief* Split the kids into teams, and have each team race to move candy corn from one bowl to another. The catch is they have to use a spoon and can't touch the candy corn with their hands. The team that finishes transferring the candy corn between its bowls first wins. Pro Tip: the smaller the spoon the harder the game - and the more laughs!7. Guess the Goodies This is an inexpensive but sure-to-please party game. Fill a jar or large clear bowl with a variety of Halloween candy. Have kids guess how many pieces are inside. The winner either guesses correctly or is closest to the correct number. They can take home the jar after sharing a piece with everyone, of course.8. Yummy Mummy Kids work together in this game to wrap a classmate or friend with toilet paper or crepe paper. The object of the game can be the mummy with the most wrapping in an allotted amount of time wins. Or simply let the kids wrap to their heart's content to burn off a little energy.9. Spooky Smiles Who doesn't like a spooky smile at Halloween?! Get out your crafting supplies, from googley eyes to glitter, puff pant and felt and make yourself a mask that features a kooky or creepy grin. For the base, you can use any existing masks kicking around your place - whether fabric or otherwise. 10. Shadow Play Cultivate your child's storytelling skills with an old school puppet show. Set up a sheet (as a curtain) and some dramatic lighting and let their imagination run free in a self made shadow puppet show. Check out Youtube for a simple how-to on creating different creatures using hands and arms only. Once you pick your characters, turn off the lights and let the shadowy story begin!We are wishing you a truly spooktacular Halloween! Join us on Instagram @TerrabyBattat as we share more fun activities for kids.