The adventure of Lava Mountain awaits!

Hey Neigh-Bor

Start horsing around with these miniature horses! This 60pc set lets the horse lover in your life gallop the day away. Definitely not a one-trick pony!

The Mane Event

What is the jungle without the king and queen? This family of four lions is so realistic you can almost hear them roar!

Welcome To The Jungle

Ready for action? Your electronic Acrocanthosaur is – with light-up eyes and cool roaring sounds! Grab the helicopter, cage, tower and action figure – you have everything for a real jungle adventure!

Anything is possible with your imagination

With Terra by Battat™ animal toys, you can go anywhere in the world. Swing with gorillas through the trees of the African jungle. Fly with majestic eagles over the forests of North America. Swim with sea lions through the waves of the Arctic. 

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Seriously, this is the best barn!! I’m very impressed with the quality materials. My 3-year-old loves it! I also purchased the Terra Country animals bucket and it goes so well with the barn. It was easy to put together and feels like it will stand up to years of play. I highly recommend it!

United States

This was a gift for my grandsons third birthday. He loves it and played with it for 5 days straight. He has zoo animals to keep inside and he’s getting the farm animals for Christmas. The barn is super sturdy and opens up to stalls for the animals. Storage for hay and a little winch to help load the hayloft area. Assembly was done by his 14 y/o brother and that took around 30 min. Not too difficult. All the animals fit inside for easy storage.Go ahead and buy this. You won’t be sorry😁

United States

Lovely toy animals good quality and realistic in appearance. Size is ideal for my 19 months old they aren't too small. Being plastic they are also good for sensory/ messy play

United Kingdom

The dog accessories are adorable, an extra outfit for the doll too and the scooter is so fun that little brother has played with it almost as much as sister : )

HappyChristmasMama, TX
Los Angeles, CA

Love them! I plan on counting them but I'm sure there's 60 or even more in here! Thick plastic, not hollow, got them for my 2 year old for Christmas and she loves them 🥰

Kimberley Stewart
Los Angeles, CA

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Behold, the Lava Mountain, T. Rex Adventure! This toy set is ideal for little kids with big imaginations. It comes with a large electronic T-Rex dinosaur that glows and growls – how scary! Can you rescue everyone from danger? Other accessories include a toy jeep and hunter figurine.

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